Market & Season Updates

Hello All! A little update on market attendance:

We’ve been regularly attending two markets for the past month. You can find us at People’s Food Co-op Market on Wednesdays, 2-7, and PSU Farmers’ Market on Saturdays, 8:30-2PM. We are starting Vancouver Farmers’ Market on April 9th (9-3PM). Some of our products are also available for weekly delivery in the Portland area via MasaFresh. We are hoping to start up Hillsdale Farmers’ Market on Sundays in a couple of weeks, too. We will update when this happens.

Farm updates: We fixed our tractor (again) and will begin plowing, discing, and tilling our land in the coming weeks. This is a dusty, pollen-filled time of year to be on the tractor for hours on end, but we are so excited to get things going! If you visit us at the markets, you’ll notice we don’t have a lot of vegetables this time of year. Instead we focus more on milled products and other value-added, organic prepared foods. As you can see from the above picture, our overwintered brassicas are going to seed. The birds and bees are thoroughly enjoying them, but they’re no longer delicious and tender for human consumption.

Just because you won’t see many vegetables at our market stands for a couple months, does not mean we have given up farming (we literally are asked this every year). Vegetables take time to grow! And because we grow entirely outdoors, things take that much longer. We have thousands of baby starts growing, and we are eager to get them into the ground!

In the interim, we will be bringing fresh herbs and microgreens to market, along with our milled products, baked goods, and organic prepared foods.

We are continuing to take pre-orders for anyone who wishes to have a speedy pickup at one of our market locations. If you’re ordering for a weekend market, please try to let us know what you’d like by Thursday via e-mail. This is especially important for milled products, as we mill in small batches.

Thank you for your continued support!

See you at the markets!

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