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Market & Season Updates

Hello All! A little update on market attendance: We’ve been regularly attending two markets for the past month. You can find us at People’s Food Co-op Market on Wednesdays, 2-7, and PSU Farmers’ Market on Saturdays, 8:30-2PM. We are starting Vancouver Farmers’ Market on April 9th (9-3PM). Some of our products are also available for […]

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Farmers’ Market Food Listing for Pick-Up!

Due to the cancellation of several of the markets we attend, we’ve decided to provide a pick-up service near the normal market locations at normal market hours. Please let us know either by commenting or e-mailing which products you would like to pick up and which market you usually attend. We’ll put your order together […]

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Covid-19 + Starvation?

The Covid-19 crisis couldn’t have come at a worse time for farmers. We need to plant, and to do that we need money. 

Many farmers, including ourselves, are still ordering seeds for the upcoming season. We also need to source grain seed to plant for a late-summer harvest. Keeping up market commercial activity is vital […]

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