Grain Mill

Gee Creek Mill was conceived as a natural extension of our local organic farming operation. Initially we used the products from our American made CS Bell grain mill to produce affordable organic foodstuffs to feed the homeless workers we employed. Our helpers were so impressed with the good flavor of our homemade cereals, flours and mixes that we decided to add the mill products to what we were already offering to our customers. Fresh ground flours and cereals made from locally grown, organic grain taste much better than what is typically available from conventional food sources. In addition, because they are lower in oxidized oils (less rancid), they are healthier.  We are proud to offer these high-quality IMG_3949 products at affordable prices to our many customers and members.

Our grist mill has other benefits to the farm and community, such as providing employment during our slower winter season and additional income. The year round milling activities helps us retain valued team members and friends and has created extra income that enhances our financial sustainability as a small family farm.

We began grain milling in the spring of 2010 and have operated our mills continuously since then, producing local, freshly milled grains and seeds using organic ingredients sourced primarily from the Pacific Northwest. We are pleased that our products have been so warmly received and are honored that so many people support the work we do at our local artisan mill.

We are proud suppliers to several local bakeries, stores, and home delivery services.

We’re also excited to announce that as of 2014, we are now grain growers ourselves! We are growing wheat, barley, oats and rye, and hope to continue to expand our farm-grown offerings.

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