A Colorful Time of Year

Hello Everyone!
We’ve been absent from the blog-world, but quite present at the farm. It was a different kind of season as we discontinued our CSA, scaled down our vegetable production, and put our Food Co-op on hold due to a broken truck. This allowed us to spend more time in other ventures, such as growing grain crops and harvesting them with our new combine (which is the cause of our broken truck, but that’s another story).

We apologize for the silence, but hope to rekindle some communication as we prepare for another Co-op season this winter. We’ve made some changes and we’re excited to share them with you!

Meanwhile, we’d like to show some photos (taken today) of the beginning of our winter squash harvest. It’s getting cold, and these beauties need to come off the field before the frost gets them. Fall crops are heavy work, but so rewarding. The colors, shapes and textures dotting the field right now are incredibly pleasing to the eyes, and it’s a proud and awe-filled time as we gather up the crop that we’ve watched grow for months.

Squash Field

Red Curry Squash



Pink Banana

Complete Row







Ohhh… and we have kittens:

Three Little Bears

More to come!

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