A Note to Co-op Members

We hope you all had a good week and are in good health. As you know eating a diet rich in nutrients from fresh organic produce, paired with other lifestyle choices like adequate sleep, exercise, and good relationships are a great way to ensure a happy healthy life.

We are happy to be working with you to build community as we source our organic food together. Food is our common bond, as we all have to eat. But eating organic and working together takes the process of community building further. We get so much more.

By sourcing our food organically we get clean food for our bodies and a cleaner environment. We get safer working conditions for those who toil to grow and transport our food as they are not subject to the poisons used to grow conventional food. The wildlife is better off as well. Further, by cooperating to make this service happen, we make lower cost, less waste food available to more folks who otherwise would not be able to afford this food. This is a way for many who would not consider buying organic to try chemical-free food.

So thank you for the manifold ways your membership is helping create a better world for all of us.

Check out our co-op website at www.ourfarmcommunity.com to learn how we have taken the community action idea to new levels with a cooperative farm and a no-cost fundraiser program for local charities, non-profits and community groups. It can also be no-cost way local businesses, medical professionals and others to partner with us to feed our community healthy local food at lower-than-retail prices and help themselves – all at the same time. This program is an easy win-win-win formula for personal success and global transformation.

[We have a quick note to tell you about a substitution in this week’s box. We could not locate affordable winter squash so we have chosen organic garnet yams. We are placing the same weight of product, 2 lbs more or less, as was listed for the winter squash. We hope this does not pose any inconvenience. FYI sweet potatoes are not nightshades. All nightshades are in the solanaceae family and sweet potatoes are in the convolvulaceae family.]

Thanks again for your time and attention. Have a great week!

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