End of 2013 Season

Happy New Year!

We want to express our warmest wishes to you all for a happy and healthy new year. Hopefully you had an enjoyable holiday season. We have used the last month to repair equipment, rest and plan for an exciting year ahead.

First we want to express our sincerest thanks to you for your support of our community farm. Because of our collective efforts we accomplished much this year and continued important work to provide for the food and health of our community while also safeguarding the health of the land and wildlife. Your participation in this project sets you apart; you are the few who actively made a choice to improve life for yourselves, others and your community and environment.

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2013 Season Welcome

Our community is comprised of people like you, who want to enjoy farm fresh naturally grown food without pesticides or man-made fertilizers and picked at the height of ripeness and flavor. In recent years we have expanded what we offer our members to include: locally milled and whole grain products, dried beans, prepared foods, sprouts, […]

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